Holistic Approach To Public Relations

Yusful Positive Service is a public relations company registered with the 'Corporate Affairs Commission’ (CAC) under the Companies And Allied Matters in Nigeria. We are positive minded characterized by holistic public relations. We are fully committed to delivering outstanding results that make reputations for clients.

We are exploring our esoteric knowledge of 5Ws & H through Public Relations Solution Oriented Techniques (PRSOT)   to approach all  our clients’ business challenges.

Whenever there are business challenges, we know to explore synergistic approach of:







 HOW?  To provide outstanding  business solutions.

We believe in ‘the communications audit’.  We have a synergistic approach to marketing communications to measure business success.

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Whatever your business may be, you deserve a public relations.





Sustaining Positive Purpose And Mutual Understanding

Strategy with purpose

 Assessing public relations opportunities, challenges, issues and priorities, to create, maintain and  delivering a well matched, highly effective and efficient   strategies which meet aims and objectives.

Delivering outstanding results that make reputations

 Is a specialist public relations and marketing communications consultancy. That means that whatever communications task you ask us to take on, we will advise you on the best way to approach it, the most efficient routes to delivery, how to achieve best value along the way, what to expect and how to measure the success.

We have a synergistic approach to marketing communications and we’ll ensure all of your messaging is working in harmony. We’re an enthusiastic and committed team ready to invest in the success of your business.

We are focused on delivering outstanding results that make reputations.

We believe in ‘the communications blend’ and that most communication challenges need a multi-channel approach across PR, content, digital and brand experiences.

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